Are you ready to live life on
“Your Empowered Path” -
to Move up, Move out and Move on?

Find out what makes you "YOU!"

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-to see and know who you are -
-to acquire tools and knowledge allowing you to evaluate your options, your direction -
- to make changes based on this knowledge -
-to progress through life with strength and mastery -


Do you have all that you need to
"enjoy the ride?"
If not, I can Help!

  • Take your healing to another whole level

  • Strengthen your ability to create and manifest whatever you choose in your life

  • Support and Expand your Soul Empowerment

I work with metaphysically oriented "spiritual seekers" - individuals ready to move ahead with their lives, willing to move into uncharted waters, to venture out of their comfort zone to get the help and insights they need to make changes in their lives.

Have Questions? Let's set up a free 30-minute consultation & evaluation call to explore your wants, needs, options and next steps. Contact me here!

“Lucy’s work is amazing. I have enlisted her healing in several modalities and everything she’s touched on with me has been transformative. She shares a pure source connection for wisdom and transformation and to say that I highly recommend her services is a vast understatement. I am highly selective in who I choose to work with me and will always feel comfortable with everything she offers. Her work is a blessing.”
— Beth M.

Are you Ready to Maximize Your Transformation -
To Move Ahead & Become
the Person You
want to be?
 Check out my offerings here!

         Lucy Randles is a gifted intuitive             quantum level Energy Healer,        certified Emotion Code practitioner              and Holistic Life Coach.                 At Healing-with-Heart, I view the client as an integrated whole and sessions may include,              depending on the client's needs,           any and all of the modalities I practice.

     Lucy Randles specializes in Sacred Soul Retrieval &
Sea Shell Energy Empowerment and Healing.

My focus has grown and evolved during the time that I have actively been on my "metaphysical" journey. "Your Empowered Path" -Spiritual Healing Coach is the result of this evolution.

She is a gifted intuitive quantum-level
Energy Healer, Soul Retrieval Specialist,
certified Holistic Life Coach, Emotion Code practitioner,
 and Ancient Mayan Light Language Teacher.

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