I am a healer! I know this without a doubt now.
But that was not always so.

Lucy Randles - "Your Empowered Path" - Spiritual Healing Coach

Lucy Randles -
"Your Empowered Path" -
Spiritual Healing Coach

Although we are always on our path, I began the metaphysical part of my journey sometime in 2008. I was at that time teaching high school art in what to me was a stressful environment.  Whether it was the situation or something else, I don’t know, but I began to feel restless; restless and unfulfilled. I began searching, searching for more, even if I didn’t know at the time what that was.

I’m now firmly convinced that there are no accidents, but back then, I had no clue. One day out of the blue, my oldest daughter confessed to me that she was “seeing” a healer. Later on she revealed that she was studying with this healer and had been for a while. She had kept this from me out of concern that I would not approve or understand. LOL! But it seemed to make a difference in my daughter’s life so I tenuously accepted this puzzling fact.

About 6 months later,  I met this healer and had an energy session with her. Soon I was studying with her too.

During this part of my journey, I was introduced to concepts that stretched my mind, my heart and changed the course of my life. I came in contact with, explored  and learned from shamans, healers, and master teachers of many metaphysical disciplines.

I first studied an energy/healing discipline called Light language. This modality “sang my song” so to speak as it is the joining of Light and Sacred Geometry. As an artist, I am connected to light and color at the deepest level.  Light Language connected me through its color and form with the power of the universe. Today I am a certified Light Language teacher and practitioner.

Continuing my journey, I certified in “Crystalogy”, connecting with the power, healing energy and beauty of the gems of our earth. I became a quantum-level energy practitioner. Later I gained my Holistic Life Coaching and Emotion Code certification.

Today I am specializing in Sacred Soul Retrieval and Energy Amplification, (using the spiral energy found in Sea Shells) to heal, empower and transform lives.

When I first started my metaphysical work, I realized what was important to me, or as I like to say, at the Heart of the Matter" was helping others move along their path. Therefore I chose Healing-with-Heart for my business name. My mission, then and now,  is to provide individuals an opportunity to Maximize Transformation in their lives through my healing work and coaching.
I hope that if we are led to work together, I can help you "Spiral Up" and walk your "Empowered Path!" 
Be the best YOU you can be!

Lucy Randles -
Spiritual Healing Coach