Lucy Randles

Lucy Randles


I would really love to hear from you and answer your questions about the modalities, services, sessions and classes that I provide. Fill out the form to the right and send it on it's way.
I will acknowledge your request as soon as possible and if I have other commitments,
I'll send you an estimated time frame for my complete response. Thanks!

Questions ? ? ?

Have Questions about my work, a Session or Package or is this the first time we will work together? Let's set up a free 30-minute consultation and evaluation call to explore your wants, needs, options and next steps. Fill out the form! I'm looking forward to talking with you.

To Book A Session or a Package!

Fill out the form with the name of the session and the best way to contact you. Please include a note about your availability (day, time, etc.) for the sessions and when you would like to start. I'll respond shortly and answer your questions.  

After we have talked and agreed on a Session, time, date and type of meeting (office, phone or Skype), I will send you the form of payment invoice you request and we will be set to go!

Order a Grid or Schedule a Class!

Need a Light Language Grid?
That will require a phone consultation (free) so that I can understand what you want and need.  Just give me a short "heads-up" in your email so we can use our time together effectively. 
During this call, I will explain how your grid will work and any requirements involved. When your grid is completed and activated, I will send you a copy by email.

Want to Book a Light Language Class?
That will also require a phone consultation (free) so that we can go over the class details before you start.
Each class includes a detailed manual(s) that will need to be mailed to you before we begin. This is one of the things that must be worked out when scheduling a class.

After I have the information for a Grid or have set a time, date and format for a class (office, phone or Skype), I will send you the form of payment invoice you request and we will be set to go!

Want to Keep Up with What I Am Doing?

You can subscribe to my newsletter, "Note Worthy". Just let me know in your email and I will be glad to add you.

In the same vein, you can find out what is going on with Healing-with-Heart is by liking, following, or subscribing to my Facebook page: Healing-with-Heart.

So no matter how you do it, I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Lucy Randles

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Office Hours: Fridays by scheduled appointment
at Cosmic Connections
2nd floor - #1
1701 Portland Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212

Please do me the courtesy of canceling set session(s) appointments 24 hrs in advance.  Check with me if you are running late. We may have to shorten your session or reschedule as I can't delay my next session because of your arrival time.
Missed office appointments may be re-scheduled one time. Thanks!