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Commission a LL Grid*

Contact me so we can discuss your needs & goals. 
I can write the perfect grid for you!

Beginning 7-Shape Grid - $65
Intermediate 49-Shape Grid - $119
Advanced 144 Shape Grid- $344

Become a LL Master*

Beginning class - 4 hrs
Intermediate class - 12 hrs
Advanced Class - 24 hrs

Beginning LL Class - $99
Intermediate LL Class - $349
Advanced LL Class - $1,200


3 Levels - 2 Ways to Win

  • 7-Shape Grids manage, balance and amplify personal Chakra energy
  • 49-Shape Grids manifest intention into reality for health, relationships, careers, cash and more!
  • 144-Shape Grids address long-term goals, creating and "Mastering" deep change on all levels

2 Choices!

1) I can create Custom Grids for You
2) You can "Master" Light Language by becoming a certified Light Language practitioner!
Three levels - 3 classes!

I teach LL classes over Skype or in-person.
Contact me to order a grid or to schedule your class.

*Each grid that I write for you requires a phone consultation so that I can assess what will serve you best.
*Light Language classes include all materials and student manuals.
Beginning class has no prerequisites. Intermediate and Advanced classes require completion of the previous level class(es).

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