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Soul Retrieval is the process of calling back pieces of your Sacred Soul that have split off and moved away from you during times of pain, trauma or fear.

You might ask, "Why does this happen?"
Can you remember an event or situation in your life that was so disturbing, painful or frightening that you felt like you couldn't deal with it?
At time like these, your soul may need to protect you from the full brunt of the event. It splits off a piece of itself and moves away, taking some of the depth of the experience with it. That's good, right!
During that moment, the answer maybe yes.

However, if those soul pieces can't or don't find their way back home, then you continue through life less than whole. This can evidence in feelings of being incomplete, not belonging, being "off" and more.
You may find that your ability to deal with life may be impaired. Soul loss can cause a feeling of "stuckness", lost memories and depression. It can create unhealthy life patterns, behaviors and/or thoughts.

Soul loss is experienced and effects everyone differently. When we are not and do not feel whole, we often look outside ourselves for fulfillment. This can take the form of co-dependent relationships, addictions, and emotional problems such as anger or rage, a sense of loneliness, feeling hopeless, apathetic and indifferent.

Other symptoms can include difficulty focusing on or finishing tasks/projects, low self-esteem or a lack of self-confidence, or the ability to trust yourself or others.  Whatever the reason for Soul loss, it separates us from pieces of our personality, vitality and life-force.

Are you are ready to become
"Whole" again?

Do you want to regain those soul pieces that you lost and are missing? Do you yearn to add dimension to your life; to break free from the effects of trauma, loss
and emptiness.

I specialize in Soul Retrieval!

Soul Retrieval is an easy 5 step process that calls back those piece of your Sacred Soul that you have “lost”, returning your fragmented self and soul to a more complete state.

Each of the 5 sessions, we will journey into the heart, calling back missing pieces. Sessions should be scheduled at least a week apart to allow the newly returned soul pieces time to settle in and re-integrate.

Want to stretch out your Payments?
2 payments of $350
3 payments of $250

Sacred Soul Retrieval
(5 sessions)
Best option
One Payment: $675.

Move out of the Shadows & “Spiral Up!
Come Home as you "Become Whole!"