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Become Whole by Coming Home!

Reclaim your "lost" soul pieces in a series of gentle and easy sessions.

Many people find that "soul retrieval"
restores one or more of the following-

  • the sense of being present in their body/life
  • the capacity to face & deal with "issues" past and present
  • an ability to deal with grief or other deep emotional trauma
  • a feeling that "doors" previously closed are now open
  • the ability to release sensations of hopelessness, overwhelm, or burden

If living life "All Here" is calling your name - then
"Soul Retrieval" may be for you!

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  • Take your Healing to a whole different level
  • Strengthen your ability to create and manifest whatever you choose in your life
  • Support & Empower Your Body, Emotions, Mind & Soul

Harness the power of the Universe with the spiral energy found in Seal Shells.
Sessions Energize and Amplify specific frequencies expanding your energy, supporting faster & deeper transformation on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

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Your "Empowered Path"

Focus! On the Target!

Expand your healing with 2 sessions a month for the next 4 months. Dive into your issues with targeted focus. Package includes:

  • 8 coaching sessions
  • unlimited email support for 4 months.

Go Deep: Take it to New Level!

Amp Up! your progress with specific goals during 12 sessions (one a week) for the next 3 months.
Package includes:

  • 12 coaching sessions
  • unlimited email support for 3 months
  • a 49-shape Sacred Geometry Grid
    to support your chosen goal.
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Are you ready for:

  • a New Self-image
  • Emotional Stability
  • Successful Relationships
  • Financial Well-being
  • More

Change the way you move through the world by letting go of "trapped emotions". Trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety, acute pain, dis-ease and more. They can block love, happiness and connection with others.

If you are ready to "Lighten your Load" and let go of what is dragging you down - Call Me!

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Change the Your Energy!
Change your Life!

Use grids made of Sacred Geometry & Colored Light, the power and energy of the universe, to consciously focus your intentions & manifest your goals.

  • Grids focus the energy of the Universe - creating powerful shifts in mind, body, emotions and spirit.
  • Clear imbalances and heal dis-ease!
  • Address your goals on 3 levels
  • Commission a grid or create them yourself.
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Services are offered by appointment (in person)
at my office on Fridays,
at 1701 Portland Ave. Nashville, TN
or at a distance by phone or Skype.

Payments may be made using Paypal or Square.

I facilitate "seekers" on their "Empowered Path".
I'm here to assist You!


* Lucy Randles is neither diagnosing nor treating
specific health issues.

Her sessions do not take the place of medical advice or treatment as recommended by a physician
or healthcare professional. You are solely responsible for seeking and following your own medical treatment and care.