I am an Energy Healer, Metaphysical Practitioner,
Holistic Life Coach & Teacher.

Early on, I realized that what was important to me or as I like to say, at the
"Heart of the Matter", was helping others move along their path. I have studied with many master teachers, selecting and concentrating on the modalities (tools)
that seem to be the most effective for me and my clients. As I continue to study and add to my "toolbox" , new practices will be added to my services.


  • Sacred Soul Retrieval
  • "Empowered Path"
    Holistic Life Coaching
  • Sea Shell Energy Healing
  • The Emotion Code
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Light Language Grids


 Since my focus is my client's needs, some sessions may include more than one of my modalities. 
Check them out.

Take the steps to activate powerful changes and healing in your life!

Remember! You are in charge of your own growth,
healing and transformation.